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Wood Slabs Coming Soon!

     Well, looks like I have to start practicing my writing skills again and get this blog thang going. So, no better time than right now to let everyone know of our latest addition to our inventory: Kiln Dried Wood Slabs.

     We have the ability to get some really beautiful Walnut, Cherry, Maple and possibly other domestic wood in slab form. Many of the wood slabs will have the bark attached and mostly intact. Most of the wood slabs will be 2” (8/4 ) thick, but if requested can be thicker.

      I picked up a small (14” wide by 48” long by 2” thick) Walnut wood slab with live edges that will be going on the website very soon. I really want to see it planed up! Looks like it has some flame aspects on one side along with some spalting on one edge.

     Some of the walnut wood slabs that are immediately available are up to 12’ long and 2’ wide. All have bark or live edges without bark. Some have large knots that create an extension of sorts away from the main body of the slab. Plenty of flame aspect too. Some amazing pieces for sure.

     Anyway, we are introducing smaller pieces for the time being for a couple reasons. First, I want to see if you folks have any interest in pieces like this. And second, shipping large and heavy products is something I am just now learning about and want to do it correctly and not on a whim.

     In addition to Walnut, I have access to large (2” thick) Cherry wood slabs too. I might be able to get some slices and burls too.

     The cherry slabs are also beautiful and have many of the same attributes as the walnut: bark or live edges, flame aspects, knots, etc. All are 2” thick and kiln dried too. Sorry, I didn’t pick up a piece so I can’t post a pic right now. But, I need to know if you folks have any interest in pieces like this as well.

     So, in closing, if you are interested in the above or know of someone that may be interested, please pass along my name and send me a message so we can talk. We are growing and this is a next step for us.

     And as always, if you made something with wood you bought from us, please send us your pictures of the finished product and, with your permission, we would like to post it on our website. If you go there, you can check out some of the amazing projects people have made. I would be happy and proud to show the world your talent.

     All the Best!

     Michael Sansevieri